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When you have to buy a present for a "I-know-all, have-all, want-all-about-my-hobby" the choosing phase can make your days miserable. We all know this, it happens all the time: a geek is so deep inside his hobby that almost certainly you will go wrong by choosing whatever we have here to sell.

Fear no more, with the wonderful Gift Cards we are offering, decide the amount, decide the theme of Gift Card and we will take care of the rest for you.

You can decide to:

either download the Gift Card, print it and give to your beloved one at proper time.

or have it delivered directly to him/her. We will email him a PDF that he can use to buy whatever he needs here at

We offer Gift Cards sized from 10 to 500 eur, if you need more you can buy multiple ones.

Any doubt just ask in the chat  (below right corner)

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