Ammo Mig: How to Paint IDF Tanks Weathering Guide Expand

Ammo Mig: How to Paint IDF Tanks Weathering Guide

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Conflicts and unrest between Israel and her Arab neighbors represent one of the most important keys to understand the geopolitics of much of the last century. It is not surprising that the peeked interest level among many modelers for Israeli armor has been permanently ensconced in the limelight for decades.

The huge variety of armored vehicles used by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) – from Israel's independence in 1948 to present – will be analyzed by the renowned military historians Daniele Guglielmi and Mario Pieri including an excellent first hand reflective introduction accompanied by numerous color photographs showing the wide variety of Israeli armor used throughout history.

The modeling section features five of the best modelers in the world including Mig Jiménez, Lucas Zaromitidis, Michal Dostál, Rick Lawler and Allon Kira. Each will show you how to paint and weather IDF armor with the different colors of camouflage sported by Israeli vehicles throughout the young country´s history while using a multitude of different painting techniques and effects.

If you wish to increase your knowledge and model collection with examples of IDF armor and it’s dynamic evolution over the past 70 years, you simply must own this book.

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