Chaos Knights

In the shadowed corners of the galaxy, where light and hope dare not tread, the tales of the Chaos Knights are whispered. These Renegade Knights, sometimes whispered as the Daemon Knights or by the high-tongued as the Questor Traitoris, once stood tall as symbols of honor. But now, they are marionettes in the hands of Chaos.

Imagine, if you will, a towering humanoid war engine, casting a forbidding silhouette against a blood-red sky. On its massive frame, it carries the firepower that entire armies would envy. With every step, the very ground beneath them groans and shivers, and enemies that aren't flattened beneath their trampling feet meet their doom at the edge of roaring Reaper Chainswords or the crushing might of Thunderstrike Gauntlets.

The tales speak of a single Chaos Knight, casting shadows of terror that can wipe out regiments, tear apart armored divisions, and swat aircrafts as if they were mere gnats. Those who have the power and the audacity to summon such a war machine would sacrifice anything, knowing full well the unmatched carnage this god of destruction would bring to their enemies.

And in the rare moments when these behemoths are deployed en masse, worlds shudder. Planets that stood tall and defiant are brought to their knees, scorched by both blade and flame in service to the malevolent Dark Gods.

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